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Thursday, April 30

Use “The Secret” in your life in 3 effective steps

After watching the movie "The Secret", the first question that pops up in everybody's mind is, "How do I apply the Secret in my life?" The question is not so easy to answer. Understandably so, because though the movie is quite good and significant in the fact that it introduces us to the law of attraction, it falls short in conveying to the audience as to how to successfully apply it in one's own life.

Following are three ways to help use the secret in your life.

Step 1:

The first and foremost thing that can help you in using the secret in your life is ensuring that you have knowledge on the subject. Try to gain as much information as possible on the topic of law of attraction. Try to get into the nuances of how the law of attraction works and how it may influence your life.

The most important aspect of the secret is the thoughts that cross your mind. These thoughts are much more than the debate between positive and negative thoughts. Just understanding the true nature of the thoughts is the most important step towards understanding the law of attraction.

Step 2:

The other important and effective thing that you can do in order to master the secret law of attraction is to write a journal about your thoughts. There is a certain pattern to your thoughts that will begin to emerge soon and will give you an idea as to what your real wants and desires are.

With a journal, exploring your feelings and emotions at a much deeper level will become possible. Your feelings when laid out plain on paper make your mind less cluttered and clears your thinking.

Step 3:

Finally, the most definitive step to use the secret law of attraction is to make efforts to make your goals a concrete reality by converting them into actions. With the help of this journal, try to track all those actions of yours that are in keeping with your goals. Usually it is hard for people to account for the time they spend and the things they spend it on. Tracking your actions based on the entries in the journal, you can easily estimate the time you spend on things and keep a track of the way your time has actually passed.

Usually we perform the same actions again and again, thus getting the same boring results day after day and try after try. After that, people begin to complain that the law of attraction doesn't work for them. When you do some action again and again, then you get the same results that many times, and that is the way the law of attraction seems to work for these unfortunate people. -pradeep kumar

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