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Sunday, April 26

Aromatherapy for Low Female Libido

Aromatherapy is being increasingly used in beauty therapies. Experts have also recognized it all over the world, as an effective healing instrument for many bodily ailments. It has been noted that aromatherapy is particularly helpful in kick starting sexual desire in both the sexes. Low female libido can be very effectively combated, using some combination of aroma oils, flavors and scents.

While it is an accepted fact that a relaxing ambience, coupled with great fragrances puts one in the mind for sex, it is true that these oils definitely have deeper properties. Apart from giving a sensual feeling, aromatic oils, if properly induced into the body can cure many problems permanently.

There are a number of oils and fragrances, used in a myriad of combinations, with different massage techniques. We will talk about a few fragrant oils that have unique properties to help deal with low female libido.

It is known for its refreshing fragrance, which is a combination of sweetness and spicy flavor. It will help you feel rejuvenated and put back the energy in you, so that you would want to hit the sack soon.

Cedar Wood
This rare, woody fragrance will restore vitality and give you the strength to perform in bed. The extra energy will also impart confidence in you, making you feel excited and ready for the act.

Its strong mint flavor will penetrate deep and leave you feel energized and fresh. It is known to make your senses more alert and be more aroused than ever.

This has a strong woody, spicy scent that will make you feel warm and nice instantly. Brides in Asia use it on their weddings. When massaged onto the body, it makes one stronger and patient.

The sweet flower of Jasmine is known for its romantic scent. Women, to attract male attention, use it in southern India. It is worn to decorate the hair. The scintillating smell infallibly attracts the opposite sex, and urges them to get really close.

The very delicious smell of vanilla will make you want to lick your fingers! Not only it entices men, also the familiar fragrance imparts the feeling of love and warmth.

This flower is known for its unmatched beauty, form, color, texture and sensuous scent. Lovers all over the world convey their message of passion, through the eternal red rose – a fragrance that promotes passion and sensuality.

Ylang Ylang
This rare and exotic Chinese fragrance is known to energize and restore vitality. -Rebecca Kosco

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