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Friday, April 24

Coconut Milk as Natural Skin Care

Coconut milk is fast becoming a natural skin care ingredient. It has a very high fat content and is also very high in natural fatty acids. Fatty acids are natural antiseptic that gently deep cleans impurities perfect even for ultra sensitive skin. It has been confirmed by skincare experts that topical use of coconut milk can help cure some skin conditions.

Coconut milk, when used with cleansers can take away dirt and oil from the skin. It creates a clean, soft, and smooth complexion. Coconut milk salt scrubs gently exfoliate the top skin layer while leaving the next layer smooth and supple.

Natural skin care products that are organically made contain no chemicals like artificial scents, colors, and even preservatives. They key is to read the labels of the products you are buying. It also helps you to check what other benefits you can get from the product. There are some coconut milk cleansers that have anti-bacterial ingredients that are good for your skin. But generally, coconut milk will help to moisturize and soften the skin. To ensure top quality ingredients and results, make sure the product uses real coconut milk, not an artificial substitute.

When buying a coconut milk cosmetic, make sure what is written on the label is “organic coconut milk”, and not the “light” or “diluted” version. The diluted type has less lauric acid. Lauric acid is converted into monolaurin by the body. This is a natural health aid. Mixing coconut milk with other chemicals make it less effective, if any, skincare value.

Coconut milk has higher values of antioxidants – phenolic antioxidants, as compared to coconut oils. One reason for this is the fact that organic coconut growers plant coconut in soils rich in nutritional value. It makes your skin respond to the product making it more effective than diluted or chemically enhanced products. It is a fact that if you have sensitive skin, coconut milk is the suitable natural skin care product for you. -rianne de leon

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