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Thursday, April 30

Allow the Law of Attraction to Bring in Your Desires

Often, for some reason or the other, the step of the Deliberate Attraction formula that talks about "allowing" is the one where most people seem to trip over. This formula simply lists in 3 simple steps how we can leverage the Law of Attraction:

1) Be crystal clear about what you really DO want.
2) Remove doubts and fears so that your desires match your vibrations. Thus raise that internal vibration of yours.
3) Allow the real desires of your heart to come to you.

About the first 2 steps, a lot has been written. But the part about "allowing" desires is a bit elusive.

Let me share a personal experience about this kind of "allowing". My eight inch waste-paper basket seemed to be overflowing every second day. So after an eternity of mental complaints, one day I asked myself, "What kind of basket do I want?"

I imagined a sleek and smart looking 15 inch high black colored basket that could hold a week's trash and would look great with my other office accessories. Next I started collecting data on all types of wastepaper baskets available. I discovered a variety of baskets in a range of prices, all of which seemed to have some flaw or the other.

So after weeks of this researching, I said to myself, "Let it go, the right one will eventually show up". Well, believe it or not, but it did.

I was making a purchase at the Hudson Bay Store, when I thought of cashing in on some reward points of mine. So, when I reached the fifth floor reception, right there across the isle I saw my ideal black wastepaper basket. It had all I wanted in terms of features, finishing and material used and to top it all it was within my gift certificate range. However one look at the basket and the clerk at the counter told me that it was on sale and cost just $5.00. In utter disbelief I paid cash and saved my gift certificate.

My elation at that moment can only be imagined. Not only did I save money, also, the manner in which the exact desire of my heart had come true was miraculous.

The age old adage that says: "Let go, let God" is what the "allowing" is all about. Thus the Law of Attraction brings you your desires once you start allowing it. Allowing should never be mistaken to mean second best. Rather it means letting or allowing Law of Attraction so that it may bring you your exact desire and in the best possible way.

You just need to believe that the Law of Attraction will bring your desire to you at the right time and place. -pradeep kumar

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