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Saturday, April 25

Fight Cellulite

Fight Cellulite - Diet, Exercise and More

A lot of Americans know what cellulite is, that stunning fatty matter that dimples the skin of its helpless victims. Despite the fact that numerous people have heard of the treatments available for the reduction of cellulite, including scrubs, creams, massage treatments, laser treatments and electrotherapy, the secret to cellulite annihilation may actually lie in the diet. The correlation between cellulite and diet is more important than you might think. The key behind eating with the purpose of fighting cellulite is to focus on foods that endorse healthy cells. In addition, exercise is also significant. Read below for more on how diet and exercise affects cellulite.

Fight Cellulite - with Diet

Fighting cellulite starts within, with internal nutrition and adequate water in take. In addition, there are several types of foods that should be found in the diet in order to promote health on a cellular and tissue level. One of the most important dietary categories that needs to be incorporated into the diet is protein. These include proteins that are found in lean meats such as chicken and turkey, beans, and legumes, and peanuts.

In addition to proteins, it is also recommended that a lecithin supplement is added to the diet, or that foods rich in lecithin are eaten. Lecithin rich foods include tomatoes, spinach, soy and eggs. Finally, fatty acids are also important in the maintenance of healthy cells. These include acids found in fish, nuts, olive oil and avocados.

But it's not just what you eat that is important in the fight against cellulite, it is also what you drink that matters. The most important drink one can drink is pure water if you can get it. The recommend dosage is eight, eight-ounce glasses a day for a total of 64 ounces. In addition, pomegranate juice and raspberry tea are also recommended for fighting cellulite.

Fight Cellulite - Exercise To Win

It's no secret that exercise has a remarkable impact on our health. When additional calories are burned then are taken in, the body begins to break down its fat assets, which will have an effect in the look of cellulite. In addition, exercise increases circulation and helps the lymphatic process of removing toxins and broken down cells. internal circulation is not the only focus of a more natural approach to cellulite removal. external circulation can also be improved by taking a dry brush and brushing the affected areas upwards toward the heart daily. -Kev Pine

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