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Wednesday, July 29

Six Ways to Improve Learning Skills

Let’s define learning, shall we?

In today’s very busy world, it doesn’t really matter how much you know. What matters more is how much can you deliver at the shorts possible time, in the quickest way possible, and with the most returns. It will definitely help if one possesses high IQ since it does not necessarily mean that one knows a lot of things. On the contrary, it means that one has the know-how in maximizing his/her brain power and potential.

An example of first stage of learning

When you encounter a huge amount of new information, most often than not, you tend to get overwhelmed. But this should not be the case. Feeling overwhelmed is natural. Just keep at it because you are at the first stage of learning. You will notice that the more you spend time learning the new batch of information, the easier it gets and the less confused and overwhelmed you will feel. Of course it will help if you have already improved your IQ prior to facing new learning materials. This way, you won’t even be overwhelmed by it. You will even be challenged to learn more.

The importance of breaks

Per hour, schedule a 5-minute break to relax the mind and be at ease. This will help rejuvenate your brain cells and later on fuel your brain power. There is also a study that says the mind easily remembers the first and last thing it tackled. By having breaks every hour, you produce more first and last things thereby increasing the learning you produce via memory.

Intelligence all throughout your body

Human beings are capable of learning many things. We have multiple intelligences and it is our duty and privilege to harness them all. Therefore, learn to listen to your body. Notice when you are more susceptible to learning and when you are resisting it. If it’s the latter, perhaps there are things your body needs to fulfill first before tackling mental problems. If your limbs are aching, perhaps it’s time to stop playing soccer and go read up your books first.

Paradigm shift

When you seem to have done everything you could but still are resisting learning new materials before you, perhaps it’s about time to shift paradigms. Think as if you are a teacher and you need to learn these things so you may teach them to your students later on.

Kinesthetic Activity

It is important to stay active. Whether you play sports or music or dance, doing such physical activities develop more dendrites in your brain thereby increasing your intelligence, boosting your memory and heightening your brain power.

Traveling is also one way of relaxing the mind while doing some physical activities like walking or boating, etc. while also gorging on new knowledge from your new surroundings and experiences.

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