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Tuesday, July 21

Signs That Reveal a Guy's Interest in You

There are a number of indicators that will help you to determine whether a guy shows interest in you. Among these indicators, three particularly stand out. When you know how to read the signs, you will know how things stand, which will help you in acting accordingly.

One of the important indicators is the way he will throw glances towards you. If you find that a guy seems to look at you every now and then, it is hardly coincidental. This clearly shows that he has romantic interest in you. You will thus be able to react as per your own feelings and intents. So, if you are also drawn towards the guy, this is a good opportunity to make yourself available for a date. Of course, you should not rush into this process before you are really certain that he is attracted to you. Here is a good indicator that will help you to come to a better conclusion.

This has to do with the guy's body language. This will help you to read some messages that he passes across even without realizing it.

In addition to the frequent glances already mentioned, here are other things that will also show a guy's romantic interest. He will try to attract your attention in every conceivable way, including some that may appear rather childish. He may blush when your eyes lock, or when you get closer. He will also try to close the gap between you as he enjoys your company. These additional indicators will reveal that the guy is strongly attracted towards you.

No one really enjoys being lonely, and if you know that a guy likes you, you will have quite a good feeling. In order to avoid making wrong conclusions, you should also take note of the manner in which he talks with you.

It is important to read the signs well in order to differentiate between genuine concern and mere flirting. Once you have determined this fact, you should focus on yourself in turn.

Are you also interested in the guy? If you are not truly interested in him, it will hardly make any difference whether he likes you or not.

In case you also like the guy, you should naturally give him room to make his advances. On the other hand, if you are not interested, then it is wicked to encourage him. In such a case, you should find a good way of stopping his efforts without dampening his spirits either.

In a nutshell, here are the things that will help you to determine whether a guy is interested in you. Check the way he throws furtive glances at you. Does he try to attract your attention? How does he talk with you? What do other aspects of his body language tell you?

You should therefore have keen eyes and ears in order to detect the important clues. Then react according to your own interest to either keep him at bay or be available for a date. -Chris Roberts

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