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Monday, July 27

Inside The Mind of a Man

I think Love Matters should be an subject we learn about in school. Unfortunately it isn't and most of us end up spending a life time, chasing after an idea of a man.

Men have been, and always will be, “wired” differently than women. The sooner you get that men are different, the sooner you’ll start expanding your own awareness and perspective and being seeing the secrets to making a man feel INTENSELY ATTRACTED to you, and creating a loving and lasting committed relationship between you and a man with what feels like little or no “work”.

It is possible.

Giving understanding, and seeking to first understand, and THEN be understood really does create more and more understanding in return.

For most women, dating a man is like looking at an iceberg. Much of what’s there is below the surface where you can’t see it. The behavior and communication you see and get from a man is what I call the “outer world” and it doesn’t show what’s actually going on underneath the surface in the “inner world” of psychology and emotions. As you know, sometimes it’s impossible to know or guess what a man is thinking. And oftentimes a man won’t lead about how he’s feeling until time has passed and he’s made up his mind about something.

The most frustrating example of this is how a man will start feeling “unsure” about a relationship, or not like something a woman is doing, but he doesn’t say anything. At least not until he’s already made up his mind that the relationship isn’t working, and he wants to leave.

This is the worst kind of frustrating nightmare for a woman… when all he needed to do was open his mouth and share what he was feeling, and it would have all worked out and brought you closer for it.

I can hear it now. The subtle voice in the back of your mind that you’d never say out loud… but is there wired up in your thinking and your beliefs in the way you interact with and approach men- “If only men were more like women…relationships would be so much easier.”

Is this really true? Think about it for a second?

Thinking from an emotional perspective, would you want to date a lot of the women you know?

Hmmm… Interesting.

Here’s something that should open your eyes a bit…

Men have been practicing their whole lives to hide their “inner world.” They’ve been conditioned to hide or ignore their emotions for most of their lives, even from the time they were little boys and there parents or their father said “Don’t cry. Toughen up.”

So it should come as no surprise that lots of men are completely out of touch with the ability to recognize what’s going on in their “inner world” and communicate what it is they are feeling. Especially when it comes to the passion and intensity that can come from dating and close intimate relationships.

You’ve probably tried to talk to a man about how you were feeling sometime, and you felt like he just wasn’t listening. Or that he didn’t care.

If you’re interested in understanding Men, there’s a whole lot to learn here in these moments…

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