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Wednesday, July 22

How Many Calories Do I Burn in a Day

Obesity is now considered to be the second most common "preventable" disease today. It is so common that one out of every 4 adults living in New York is obese. However, it is good to know that people are now more aware of this health issue and they are taking extra measures like seeking professional help and going on proper diets to counter this hidden disease.

People have now started seeking long term solutions instead of quick fixes and diet fads. They have started learning and applying proper intake of daily calories and started reading product labels to see if what they will be buying will give them healthy benefits.

We all need approximately 1000 to 1500 calories every day for our daily activities. We even burn calories while we sleep. So in order for us to lose weight, we need to consume less calories or we need to use more calories every 24 hours.

How Do We Burn Calories Every Day?

Your daily activities: Standing=25 calories per hour; doing light housework=70-150; sitting or resting=20; thinking=10; leasurely walking=100-125; while getting dressed=35; but when you do strenuous exercises you can burn 200 to 500 calories.

There are many factors you may need to consider to know how much calories you would need each day. These factors are dependent on your body frame, genetic make up, metabolism and even your emotional state for that day.

If you want to know the approximate amount of calories you need every day to create a caloric deficit and lose weight, you can use this simple formula: bodyweight x 13= daily caloric intake. With this method you can more or less have a good idea about your daily calorie requirement.

This simple formula can give you the approximate amount only. If you weight 163 lbs multiply it by 13 equals 2119. Your caloric intake should just be approximately 2100 calories every day for you to lose weight. It will certainly help a lot if you could add some light to moderate exercises if you want to make your weight loss faster. -TJaye Matthews

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