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Saturday, June 13

Youth Self Defense - How To Keep Your Child Safe Without Placing Them In Danger

So, how does youth self defense keep your child safe and not put them in danger? Read on and find out what is needed to protect your child from your child and everyone else.

With the introduction of the internet came international access to a variety of self defense products and defensive devices to protect all types of men and women. Items such as stun guns, Tasers, pepper spray and expandable steel batons have become a common assistant for many Americans. While these devices are great and most are very effective, they do have one huge drawback - they are not for children. So, how do you keep your child safe if they cannot carry the items made to keep people safe? The crazy thing is that children are most vulnerable and perhaps need the devices more than anyone. I guess it would be a bad idea to have millions of children running around with Tasers and big steel sticks, but we need to keep them safe nevertheless. Youth self defense will do just that.

I have been asked many times about youth self defense products. I always reply with just about the same answer. When asked my reply is usually "it depends on the age of the child". A teenager can be taught to use a defensive device that is legal for almost anyone such as a kubotans or perhaps they may be served best by a good self defense course. If your child is younger it is best to educate them about the dangers of life including walking home from school and even being home alone. Education and awareness of ones surroundings are the keys for any successful self defense situation regardless of age.

After informing your child of the dangers of the world you may also want to arm them with a personal alarm and/or a quality youth self defense class. There are many personal alarms on the market today that will be an effective tool for children. My personal choice for a child would be the Stun Factory Banshee personal alarm. This devise is very small, comes in bright colors that kids like and is easily activated. When the strap is pulled, a small metal pin is pulled out of the alarm triggering its very loud siren. One of the best features is that when the strap and metal pin pulls out, it does not come out the entire way, preventing your child from losing the trigger strap. Other personal alarms will also be effective for children and some even come with strobe lights and other visual warning signals. Whatever alarm you choose be sure that it is at least 120 Db, any less and it may not be an effective youth self defense device. To find a self defense class for your child you can check your local phone book. There are classes designed just for children of almost any age. I suggest sitting in on a class before signing up to see if the instruction is what you are looking for.

Now you can arm your child without worrying if they will end up shocked, sprayed or knocked in the head by a baton. Using some of these youth self defense tips should provide a good start to protecting your child and keeping them safe from themselves. I must stress again that education and awareness of your surroundings may just be the most important thing you can do to keep them safe. -Andrew Youtz

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