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Tuesday, June 16

Heart Diseases Prevention, Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

Our heart pumps blood and it’s the lifeline of our body. We can’t ignore them. In order to keep them safe we should prevent the rise of Triglycerides level in our body. These are fats, which are produced in our body. Excess of Triglycerides in our body can cause heart diseases. They are mostly found in our blood. Lowering of Triglycerides can prevent us suffering from heart related problems. There are foods, which can prevent heart diseases naturally.

Get enough sleep each 24 hours. All the sleep does not however need to occur during night. You can for example take out some of your need for sleep as a siesta in the middle of the day. 7 hours sleep seems to be the ideal for optimal circulatory health. Much more sleep seems to be bad for your blood circulation.

Many of us who are trying to prevent heart disease have begun to take steps to change our lifestyle so that we can reduce our risk of heart disease. And, it’s important to note that heart disease is one killer that you can do much to prevent. Sure, if you have a family history of heart disease, you are immediately at a higher risk than those who don’t; but the biggest risk factors for most of us are the life we lead. Many heart disease risk factors are entirely preventable.

Avocados are the fruits that got a “raw deal”. Traditionally, weight and health conscious people would avoid the avocado because of its high level of fat. No more. A recent study in Brisbane, Australia has shown that including avocado in your diet can help reduce cholesterol levels by 8 percent. This is as opposed to a standard, low fat diet which helped study participants reduce cholesterol levels by only 5 percent! HDL (the “good cholesterol”) levels were actually found to increase by 15 percent in people who incorporated avocado into their daily menu.

If the individual smokes a lot, it is best to quit. Studies have shown that people who stop are able to decrease the risk almost immediately. It is hard to give up this habit so this should be done gradually to prevent the person from having withdrawal symptoms.

It is widely known that heart failure is one of the most common and leading cause of deaths worldwide. It happens when your heart doesn’t perform properly leading it to pump less blood around your body. Heart failure doesn’t mean that your heart has shutdown completely, it means that the heart is not pumping at an effective rate. The heart is capable of recovering from heart failure, but it will become weak to the point in which it is not able to recover any more. Heart failure does not usually end the life of the victim suddenly. -John Adison

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