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Thursday, June 18

3 Great Body Weight Exercises For the Legs (You Don't Need a Gym Membership For These!)

Too many people focus on just their arms when they exercise, and end up looking unbalanced. Skinny, weak legs are no fun at all, so let's get those legs in shape!

As with all exercises, make sure not to overwork yourself, or you're going to spend the next few days in quite a bit of pain. Remember to keep well hydrated when you're working out!

Flutter Kicks
You'll need a raised platform for this. If you're not at a gym, you can use a sturdy table or your bed. Lie on your stomach, with your legs hanging off the edge. Hold your legs parallel to your back, then raise one. Lower that leg and raise the other leg. Repeat several times, keeping your knees straight the entire time.

Scissor Kicks
This exercise is like flutter kicks, only on your back. Lie flat on the floor (on your back), and lift both legs so that the heels are about half a foot from the ground. Raise one leg until it reaches about 45 degrees, then lower it, raising the other. Repeat quickly, again keeping your knees straight.

Stand straight up. You will be keeping your upper body vertical throughout the entire exercise. Lower your body using just your legs, making sure to keep your balance, as low as you can manage. Return to a full stand using your leg muscles (focusing on your quads). If you haven't exercised your upper legs before, you'll start to feel a strong burn in your muscles very quickly with this exercise. -Susan Roberts

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