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Friday, June 26

Food helps reduce cholesterol

Know what the disease, that kill most people in the world is the answer to cardiovascular disease. This disease drug companies to sell them drugs on this disease take many tremendous richness. And is primarily a condition of high cholesterol in the blood. This problem is fat that is important is cholesterol.

Current conditions as high blood fats in cholesterol problem quite important. Because it will affect the heart and vascular system quite dramatically. And is considered a serious threat silence.

Recent studies from the Institute world's premier medical institutions have found ways to help prevent heart and vascular system healthy and to have Healthy.

Researchers have suggested several risk factors that have led to consider Using advanced scientific insight about the fundamental nature of Decay of the heart and vascular system. Factors that increase the risk of these substances with anti Anumol independent state in the lower body. Conditions essential fatty acids in the body low. Volume level magnesium salt potassium levels and increased homocysteine in the body of these risk factors is very quite interesting. And critical. Is a safe and easy way to eliminate these risk factors is

* Exercise.
* Reducing food with high fat.
* Food supplement such as vitamin and mineral food anti Anumol Independent

Cholesterol effect on the health.
During several years ago we received information about a wide range of cholesterol that is the future it may be the body to clog blood Esen. And it is important that engender Cardiovascular disease. But Did you know that cholesterol is a component critical to health of the body that trigger quite indispensable.

Cholesterol is a critical component in the cell, The Brain (cell membrane) it helps the cells in the body of work such as cholesterol metabolism helps in fat soluble vitamin that (Vitamin A Vitamin D Vitamin E) and fatty acids. essential to the cell body into cholesterol in the process will contribute to creating both male and female sex hormones. And include steroids hormones (steroidal hormones) which are relevant to the health of the body's immunity system is outlined. Physical activity and a complete system on Hong Kong's peace

Cholesterol is a type 2 and type species is not good.

  1. species good or HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) good types will help drive the body of excess cholesterol from the body's requirements. The body from food production and to use This type of good will have higher healthful
  2. species poor or LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) is the body type of penalty. From food and meat products from animals.

Therefore, the time or see the value of cholesterol levels in the body should look at the ratio of LDL to HDL is better.

It is odd The study found that a number of very reasonable proportion of heart and vascular disease patients. Back in the blood cholesterol level is normal or low body. Suggests that the cause of cardiovascular disease is not caused by cholesterol own fat directly, but that is prejudicial to the physical performance of the particle out LDL or bad cholesterol that is.

Researchers have identified a variety of food, medical research journals, many Release states that help promote the work of Kaa, the heart and blood vessels healthy. Clearly better health. If the share of the core functionality of the food they share a core group of 4 to help promote the work of Kaa, the heart and blood vessels healthy.

1) anti Anumol free food help. This food will help prevent the atom from the Alliance of LDL or bad cholesterol by the cholesterol could be bad as soon as it is an enemy of the atom is split out de - This is food that can help reduce this risk have resulted in these foods help. Kaa, the systems work of the heart and blood vessels healthy.

* Garlic extract from 400-2,000 mg per day. (If the odor is no better).
* 400-1,200 IU vitamin E per day.
* Grape Seed extract from 50-200 mg per day.
* Red Wine extract 50-200 mg per day.
* from Green Tea extract 100-300 mg per day.
* CoEnzyme Q10 60-120 mg per day.

2) food that helps in maintaining the level of homocysteine in the body homocysteine amino acids from the nearly. The process of leaky methionine amino acids and amino acids are known to be toxic to the wall. cells of vascular conditions, high levels of homocysteine in the blood are risk factors that one factor causing cardiovascular disease. A study of more than 500 studies have been published in medical journals found that the dangers of homocysteine found increased levels of homocysteine will result in the deaths of more than the increase in cholesterol levels 5 times the sheer

Food that has helped maintain the level of homocysteine in the body is

* Vitamin B 6 50-150 mg per day.
* Vitamin B 12 500-2000 microgram per day (in the form methylcobalamin. Gives better results)
* Four acid based 400-1,000 IU per day.
* Trimethylglycine 100 - 500 mg per day.

3) proportion of food aid in the level of cholesterol in the body or the level of cholesterol in the body are not good indicators of the health of heart and vascular system, blood is what metric should be a good ratio of HDL. The ratio of LDL to more than a good ratio is less than or equal to 4 to fit the ratio is 3.

Food that has helped in maintaining a ratio of cholesterol in the body is

* Fish oil or Fish oil 200-800 mg per day (EPA and DHA).
* Garlic extract from 900 mg per day. (If the odor is no better).
* Tocotrienols 312 mg per day.
* Fiber (Fiber) 20-30 grams per day.

4) food that helps walls strong and healthy blood vessels. Of meal most people eat in a day. Usually receive the amount of vitamin C and Bio-La-tall Do (Bioflavonoid) insufficient to strengthen the vascular wall is strong and healthy, which has both Vitamin C and Bio-La-tall Do Substances is very important to build collagen (Collagen), a protein critical to the strength of the vascular wall.

The nutrients are extracted species is pine shell (shell only a string of shells extracted from pine in France only a matter of anti Anumol the effect is quite strong. Then peel extract can help reduce price risk associated with health. Independent of the destroying Anumol. The head shell extraction very likely to be the heart and vascular system, the system knew it to help prevent the occurrence of the Islands of platelets caused by smoking. Smoking or stress.

Foods that help blood vessels wall is strong and healthy.

* Vitamin C 500-2000 mg per day.
* Bio-La-tall Do? (Bioflavonoid) 100-500 mg per day.
* Shell pine extract 50-200 mg per day.

In summary, for those who want a healthy lower risk of heart disease and vascular blood and the heart and vascular system is strong it should behave as a simple exercise regularly. Reduction of food with high fat. And food supplement to help maintain heart and vascular system, such as vitamin and mineral food anti Anumol Independent. -soft666

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