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Saturday, August 29

Green Beans

This vegetables is one of favorite for me and my mom. It not just the flavor but green beans can reduce your high blood pressure(One week ago her blood pressure almost 170/100 but now 120/80).
If you have history of high blood pressure, green beans can be alternative for your medicine. here the recipe :
  • Take 150gr green beans and wash
  • Boil green beans with 2 glass water in stainless pot in 5 or 6 minutes
  • Wait and second till the water in pot warn or cold
  • Separate green beans from water(eat green beans as salad)
  • Drink water boil green beans 2 times in a day
You do it until your have normal blood pressure(my mom need 3 days) and don't forget to always check your blood pressure. remember it just alternative cure you can believe it or not in your hands. -burifa

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