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Sunday, August 16

Increased Brain Power is Easy if You Know How

Stress, fatigue, emotional problems and even old age can make your memory rusty. When it does, you tend to forget where you placed your keys, miss appointments with the dentist or even forget the names of friends. These lapses in your memory are actually normal and understandable but can be completely preventable. You can actually do a lot of things and eat a lot stuff that can help make you remember things more clearly. If you are clueless on what to do to sharpen your ability to recall and recollect, read on and follow the tips below:

Keep Away From Brain Drainers

If you want to have strong cognitive abilities even when you are in your 80s, then you need to start avoiding the things that kill your brain cells. How are you going to keep a sharp memory when you are depleting the cells that are essential in making you remember things?

The number one brain drainer is chronic stress. Being in a perpetual state of stress can truly zap away your brain cells and make your mind function less efficiently. Simple organizational skills, a little help from other people, and a bit or rest and relaxation can help you fight stress.

Too much alcohol is also responsible for making your mind dense. Even if you eat right and exercise regularly, if you regularly consume huge amounts of alcohol, your efforts in boosting your brain power will go down the drain. Alcohol is definitely a brain drainer.

Other brain drainers you need to avoid are smoking, taking drugs, and sleep deprivation. Talk to people who have insomnia or haven't slept well for a while and you will realize that their thoughts can be scattered and incoherent.

Let Blood Flow

To have a clear mind, you need to make sure that your blood circulation is optimal. If there are problems with your blood flow, oxygen and other nutrients that your mind needs will not be able to reach the brain. Buildup of fats and cholesterol in your arteries do not only pose cardiovascular problems, but also brain fogging.

In order to keep your blood flowing flawlessly, you need to minimize, if not totally eliminate, food that are rich in fat and bad cholesterol. Lay low when it comes to mayonnaise, margarine, butter, fat meats, and rich desserts.

Exercise Your Mind And Body

Physical fitness is important in helping improve blood circulation and preventing clogged arteries. Thus, you need to exercise regularly, walk at least 10,000 steps a day, and do some weight training to build your bones.

Aside from physical exercise, you also need to do some mental exercises. Like muscles in your body, the brain will atrophy when not in use. Thus, you should read a lot, do some crossword puzzles or play some mind-bending games. Doing mathematical problems in your head can also sharpen your mind and improve your memory. Remember, the more you use your brain, the better it becomes.

Go For The Bs

Eating a healthy diet is crucial in keeping your mind and body in tiptop shape. However, no matter how much you eat vegetables and fruits, your body's ability to absorb nutrients gets less efficient as you grow older.

In order to keep your mind buzzing, you need to increase your intake of B vitamins. Experts believe that deficiency in vitamins B6 and B12, niacin, and thiamin can contribute to future cognitive problems. You can get these B vitamins in enriched grains, meat, potatoes, bananas and shellfish. You can also take some supplements that have all the B vitamins that you need.

Cleanse Your Gut

Years of consuming fatty foods, junk and sugar-rich desserts can contribute to fogginess of your mind. If you have been eating fast foods and low-fiber diet for the last couple of years, then there is a big chance that your gut is not in a very good shape. Remember, the absorption of vitamins and minerals needed by your brain happens in your intestines. Thus, if your colon is in such a bad shape, your body will not be able to efficiently absorb the nutrients from the food that you eat and the supplements that you take.

One safe and easy way to cleanse your colon is through detoxification. There are products in the market that can help you achieve a no-fuss detoxification, so you don't have to lose mind over it. One detox system that not only cleanses your gut but also helps in repairing tissues is Colpurin. Read more about other people's experiences with Colpurin by visiting -Janet Martin

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