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Monday, August 24

Breaking Up is Hard to Do - Making Up is Harder

There is an old song called "Breaking up is hard to do". Later on in the song the lyrics say "I wish that we were making up again". This song summarizes some relationships perfectly. Without a doubt breaking up is hard to do and making up is even harder. Here are some reasons why.

Breaking up is hard to do because you have to say things to end the relationship that are hurtful. Making up is harder because it's so difficult to take back the bad words and even harder to forgive them. Undoubtedly someone said some things that were unpleasant. Whoever was on the receiving end will have a very hard time forgiving those words. They will probably never forget the words.

Breaking up is hard to do because you cared enough about the other person to begin a relationship in the first place. Making up is harder because you've either broken the trust of the other person or your trust in the other person is broken. Once this type of intimate trust is broken it is very difficult to get back. It can be done but it takes time and patience.

Breaking up is hard to do because the relationship helps define who you are.Making up is harder because you've lost your sense of self and who you are. Relationships take on a personality of their own. Couples typically begin to define themselves through the relationship with the rest of the world. When the relationship is lost it can be easy to lose perspective of your self or your self worth.

Breaking up is hard to do because you shared the relationship with friends and family.Making up is harder because friends and family get forced to take sides. In some cases friends were used to help build up one person's case for the break up. Inevitably, friends and family become the sounding board for all of your feelings about the relationship. So if you decide to get back with your ex it can be difficult for them to support you. You've probably told them every horrible thing you can think of about the other person.

Breaking up is hard to do because it's easier to stay in a relationship than end one.Making up is harder because once you do make the change it's hard to go back. The concept of inertia plays a big part in everyone's life. Change is hard. It can be hard to enter into a relationship, even harder to break up and harder still to make up. Knowing that making up will be difficult also sabotages our efforts for reconciliation. Its just easier to give up and not try because we know its hard to make up. -Jenny Dunbar

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