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Saturday, May 23

Money, Sex & Children: How to Cope With Lifes Greatest Battles

In any relationship problems mostly arise due to money, sex or children. These are lifes greatest battles everyone has to cope with in order to survive. Resolving issues over these conflicts could sometimes be very difficult but learning to accept them as natural consequences of any relationship will help a great deal in solving them. Keep reading on to find out how to avoid problems related with these matters and live a happy and fruitful life.

Money is the source of almost 80% of household issues. Discontentment, anger and frustration are often caused by not having enough money to fulfill a familys needs. Couples with children are often heard complaining about their financial problems and that they do not earn enough to support a family. As a result their problems keep on piling up and eventually contribute to the breaking up of a marriage or a committed relationship. In order to keep a balance in your expenditures you both have to track where money goes every month. Make a budget and act according to it. Make sure your expenditures do not exceed that limit. Both partners should try to put their shares in monthly income so that the household keeps on running smoothly and without any tension.

Sex can also be a source of tension in a relationship. Both partners may have different sexual appetites but to address those appetites may not be in their control. Women often complain about too much sex. Men on the other hand are found complaining about too little sex in their married life. Sometimes they have to go out to seek sexual pleasure because their wife is unable to provide them with it. There should be a balanced sexual life otherwise a marriage will never work. Discuss your needs and desires with your partner openly and try to come up with a solution together. After all you want to make your marriage successful, not dissolve it due to dissatisfaction or infidelity. Think about your role in a relationship and try to fulfill your duties to their maximum. A womans role in a sexual relationship is much more important than a mans. So never neglect your husbands or partners desires in order to make him truly happy.

Children could also be a source of conflict in a relationship. Sometimes one partner wants a baby but the other is not yet ready to have one. Unwanted pregnancy can cause problems for both partners. Women are often sensitive about their babies and they never want to get rid of them. Even when both partners are ready to have children, many problems arise after their birth. How to raise them up, where to send them to school and so on. In order to avoid problems related to children in a marriage, make sure you both have negotiated and decided on having a baby. Try to be optimistic and consider your children a source of strengthening your relationship rather than dissolving it.

Lifes greatest battles can be fought with courage, strong will-power and an open heart to accept challenges and ups and downs of a relationship. Make sure you do not let these problems come into the way of your love and try to live a life full of happiness and satisfaction. -George Wood

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