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Friday, May 15

Body Language: Secrets & Examples

Your body language and status cues literally reveal who you really are on the inside. Women are looking fro confident, masculine guys, who display good body language and high-status in social situations.

Here is a collection of body language examples and body language secrets that attract women.

Smile Endearingly: Imagine that you're walking along a street and a beautiful woman is walking toward you. She is 'checking you out' and looks interested. You decide to look at her in the eye, smile endearingly and stop to start a conversation.

Example: "Hi, I came down here today to do some shopping, but now I'm a little distracted and have decided that I'm going to say hi to you. My name's _____________who are you?"

Often a confident, endearing smile will be the difference between a woman having a relaxed conversation with you and a woman going out of her way to avoid you.

I'm not talking about a 'toothy grin', but an endearing and confident smile that communicates things like honesty, trustworthiness, sexuality, friendliness and humor to name a few.

Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin: Next time you are in a bar or club, notice the guys who are 'comfortable in their own skin' and who women are paying attention to. Notice how those guys are standing, looking around, using their voice and how they are interacting with women.

What does it mean to be comfortable in your own skin? It means that your body language, behaviors and actions should be communicating: "I am happy with myself, I am proud of who I am and I don't need to boast about it. You can tell how confident I am by noticing how relaxed my body language is. I don't feel the need to impress anyone."

Don't Send out Signals of Desperation, Neediness or Insecurity: This may sound pretty obvious, but have you ever seen a guy looking around at everyone in the club like he is an outsider?

He stands there awkwardly clutching to his alcoholic drink. He is too scared to mingle in. He looks at women in a needy way. He hopes that he'll 'pick up' that night.

Those guys look desperate and are very, very obvious to women. On the flipside, have you ever seen a guy who looks like he always gets positive attention from women?

He'll usually behave in a way that suggests he doesn't care if he meets a girl that night, because he knows he can have women any time he pleases.

This is very interesting and attractive to women and offers them a challenge. Suddenly, women find themselves flirting with him and trying to pick him up.

Say it Without Words: I was once given a great piece of advice: 'Never say what you can smile. Never smile what you can nod. Never nod what you can wink.'

Simple, yet it perfectly sums up the importance of body language in every interaction we involve ourselves in.

You can say so much without talking. Try it the next time you're interacting with a woman. Use a cheeky smile as a response to one of her questions and she will most likely plead for your response.

Lift Your Chest Up: Where focus goes, energy flows. So lift your chest up. You'll find that it fixes a lot of your problems with stance and posture.

At the same time, it will send 'confidence signals' to your brain. Why? Because the way we use our body directly affects our state of mind.

For example: If you were to droop your shoulders, pout your mouth, shake your head in sorrow and look down at the ground - I'm sure that you wouldn't be feeling very happy. So lift your chest up and feel confident and proud of who you are.

The Look of a Sexual Icon: Do a search online and look at some photos of Humphrey Bogart, James Bond and the young Marlon Brando. Notice:

The raised or furrowed eyebrow. The brooding face. The endearing smile. How they squint as if zoning in on their 'prey.'

These men remain sex symbols not because of their looks per se, but from the messages that are sent to a woman's unconscious mind when that sort of body language occurs. These men give the look of an alpha male, a bad-boy, a seducer and a man who knows what he wants. -Dan Bacon

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