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Monday, March 16

The intensity of suffering on account of hair loss in women is much more than the intensity of such loss in men. When a woman loses her hair, she loses her heart! It is one of her best beauty aids. The bald man may look smarter. But you never say that I wish to see a smart bald woman!

With hair loss invading her life, a woman is bound to feel upset and would ever be in a state of confusion and confrontation to effectively meet the challenge of hair loss. But you need to tell her that stress is also one of the strong factors of hair loss and on this front, she needs to control her emotions.

Instead of analyzing the issue threadbare, I wish to sum up the issue in one sweeping statement, "Educate yourself!"

Hair loss is such a personal and typical issue that even your physician will not be able to give you the correct advice corresponding to your requirements. You are in a better position to identify and rectify the deficiencies that contributed to your hair loss. Taking treatment, no doubt is very important, but not taking treatment is also sometimes important!

To give you an example in this context suppose that your hair loss is due to some disease for which you took treatment. Now the disease is gone and the hair re-growth is bound to happen only if you have little patience. If you unnecessarily stress yourself, that could become a further reason for retarding the process of growth of hair.

Telogen effluvium is a peculiar condition of hair loss in which there is a diffuse. In this condition there is widely spread out hair loss around the scalp and also elsewhere on the body. This may be due to intense stress on the body's hormonal system or side effects of a particular type of medication. Soon, your body mechanism will readjust itself to the changed circumstances and hopefully with your stress level decreasing, hair will begin to grow. If you panic and start with medication based on wrong premises, it is not going to do any good.

The listing of the causes for hair loss in women is endless. As many women, as many causes! All that you need to know is good general knowledge about hair growth and a time table about its maintenance. A number of fruits and vegetables are conducive to the health and growth of hair. Change your lifestyle and diet habits accordingly. -Javier Fuller

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