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Sunday, March 29

60 Seconds To A Gorgeous New Look

Don't have tons of time to spend on your makeup, but want to look like you did? A mini makeover is the answer! In just one minute, you can turn your eyes, cheeks, lips and skin from pretty to perfection!

Get More Youthful Eyebrows

The Trick: A Straighter Brow Line

Severely arched brows add years to your face, while brows with a straighter "tail" make your eyes look youthful. Just brush brows down, then across to find sparse spots. Fill in with brow pencil before blending with a brow brush.

Get Wide Open Eyes

The Trick: Hot new minimal liner

Skip thick eyeliner, which just makes eyes look small. Instead, dip an eye-lining brush into dampened shadow or pot liner and trace a thin line along roots of upper lashes. It will enhance the whites of the eyes, making them look bigger.

Get Model High Cheekbones

The Trick: Apply brush in an arc

Not only will your cheekbones look gorgeous, but your whole face will look slimmer! Instead of applying blush to apples of cheeks - which accentuates roundness - apply in an arc shape from slightly under cheekbones out and up toward temples while keeping lips puckered - blend well.

Get Mile Long Lashes

The Trick: Apply mascara vertically

Want long, lush lashes? Stop wiggling the wand back and forth while applying mascara. Many of us make this mistake, which leaves lashes short and clumpy. The quick fix? Run wand through lashes from roots to tips and separate between coats with a lash comb or brush.

Get Flawless Glowing Skin

The Trick: Use a foundation brush

Applying foundation with a specially designed brush - instead of a sponge or your fingers - helps it go on thinner so the natural beauty of your skin shines through. Coat the brush with foundation and apply in inner corners of eyes, under eyes, around nostrils and over chin - blend well.

Get Perfectly Pretty Lips

The Trick: Divide by 4

Instead of outlining lips in one or two quick motions - which can create an asymmetrical shape - get a perfect line every time by lining lips in four sections, starting at the outer corner of each lip and working your way toward the center, steadying your hand if necessary.

Using one or two of these simple tips can help you recreate your look without spending money on new makeup. Just applying what you already have in a different manner - no matter how subtle the change - can make a huge difference. -Melissa Eaton

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