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Thursday, October 22

Learning To Love Your Soul

Having a healthy body and a healthy mind is really good for you. But what good can those two be when deep down you’re a mess? How can you have a healthy soul? Your soul is your centre of being; it is your every essence, if you will. So nurture it and learn to love it.

Find inner peace and solitude. Every morning, try to get some time for you to spend on your own. You could exercise, have coffee while watching the neighborhood wake up, go for a jog or a walk, or just meditate. Having time for yourself is a great way to center yourself and find your being. Once you at peace with yourself, you are ready to face the world.

Fill your day with the positive vibe. One easy yet great way to do this is to surround yourself with positive people. Positivity and enthusiasm are infectious. So if you surround yourself with such people, you will be positive too. Nurture our relationships with positive friends and share all your aspirations. Having this type of relationship is a great way to build yourself up, inside and out.

Show how much you care and empathize with others. Did you know that a small act of kindness can do wonders for the other person? Not only will that other person feel great, you too will feel great! So go on, show how much you care and appreciate that special someone!

Listen. Yes, we go on with our daily routine without having the time to listen. We hear things, but we rarely take the time to listen. So go ahead, listen to the radio or classical music or whatever you like because music soothes the soul. It is actually therapeutic to just sit and listen, even if you’re just listening to the rain on your roof or the waves rolling at the beach. Close your eyes, take deep breaths, and just enjoy the moment. You will immediately feel at ease.

These simple suggestions can help you find your inner peace and can help to nurture your soul. When you feel good inside, it will show on the outside. Thus, nurture your soul and lead a happy and healthy life. You deserve it! -Tom Mckenna

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