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Tuesday, October 27

Be Careful About How Much Alcohol You Consume

The person who wants to lose weight is better off without alcohol. You've got to make up your own mind whether or not you should drink — and when and how much.

It is surprising how many calories there are in an alcoholic drink. Alcoholic drinks are even higher in calories when mixed with soda or fruit juice.

Alcoholic drinks are high in carbohydrates; contain no fat, very little protein, vitamins or any other nutrients — in fact, practically none in most cases. The calories in alcohol are metabolised first by the body, ahead of burning fat - which is not desirable if on a weight loss diet.

Alcohol is oxidized in the body, and in small quantities may be used in metabolism to replace some carbohydrates or fat. In other words, you may take some of it instead of your allowance of calories — but not of your protein calories. It cannot, however, be depended on as the chief form of nourishment because of this lack in its contents. Those who are accustomed to it will oxidize a reasonable amount in about seven hours. Those not accustomed to alcohol will take twice that length of time. While your body is trying to flush the alcohol from your system your liver is being overworked.

While alcohol relaxes you it also causes other problems especially for those who are trying to lose weight. The more relaxed you feel the more you tend to drink to maintain that 'happy' feeling. However, it dehydrates your body which is why you get a hangover or bad headache the next morning - it's a lack of water to the brain cells.

Another disadvantage of drinking is that it increases the appetite; you head for the nibbles or go for a kebab or takeaway on the way home. A few drinks, nibbles and a kebab can all amount to your total calorie intake for the day!

In addition to that, drinking lowers our ability to even think or remember how much we are eating.

Therefore, be careful about how much you drink as it's not a matter of the calories in any particular drink, it’s the overall effects that drinking can have on your attempts to lose weight.

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In order to lose weight fast and easy you can do it with a slight change to your diet and some easy workout tips.

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