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Saturday, October 10

Can Positivity Make You Smarter?

Is there a correlation between positive thinking and being smart? Can positive thinking really help increase your IQ and boost your brain power? This post will help explain to you what positive thinking is and what it does to those who consistently imbibe it in their lives.

  1. Positive thinking is all about taking action about the wishes you send out to the universe. It’s not daydreaming nor is it wishful thinking. It’s all about knowing what you want and taking the necessary steps to get it.
  2. Thinking positive is having a balance about accepting the harsh realities of life and being able to do something about it. It is not about being blinded by the world’s negativity. It’s about acknowledging that there is indeed a lot of bad in his world but instead of ignoring it, action steps are taken to help change it.
  3. Positive thinking is focusing more on the positive side of things rather than the negative. It is about maximizing and using the good in everything and in people.

Positive thinking keeps one young and healthy. A research was conducted at Texas University which resulted to the evidence that being positive helps delay debility in older people. Another research was done at North Carolina State University which points out to the fact that negative thinking can constrict brain functions. This really shows hoe crucial positive thinking is to wellness. So if you are keen in changing your life for the better, start by thinking right. Think positive.

For those who find it difficult to do so, there are other external tools that can help you pave the way towards positivity. -Karen Prime (

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