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Wednesday, October 21

Tinnitus Can Be Cured With Natural Treatments

Until now, no magic pill has been invented against tinnitus. There is also no definitely cure for all people who suffer from tinnitus. The only good news is that lots of research is being done to find an explanation for it and an effective treatment for it. Anyway, tinnitus can be quieted, although this is by no means a cure.

The underlying cause of it is still not fully understood. Researchers know that people with tinnitus suffered a harm in their inner ears, mostly caused by constant exposure to loud noises. However, no one knows for sure why some people suffer a permanent damage and others only a temporary damage after being exposed to loud sound.

Tinnitus is in some cases caused by a disease not related to our hearing habits. No amount of loud sounds is needed to trigger it in some cases. If the health problems are cured, tinnitus will disappear in these cases, since there is no permanent ear damage that cannot be repaired.

The most simple treatment is the removal of excess wax by an audiologist or physician. It is definitely not a cure, but it helps in some cases. Some not seriously affected people feel like they were cured, after a wax cleaning.

The most common treatment against tinnitus is drug therapy. It definitely provides relief to most patients. However, some drugs have also side-effects.

The technically most advanced solution is a cochlear implant. Many people with hearing loss have found tinnitus relief using a device called a cochlear implant. The cochlear implant helps these individuals hear the world around them, it also helps diminish the tinnitus. This is no cure, however, it has proven to provide effective relief from severe tinnitus symptoms. And after you have had your fill of these type of treatments. Go can go the natural. -Richard Porter (

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