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Friday, September 4

How Do You Know If Someone is Lying to You - Telltale Signs of a Liar

Exactly how do you know if someone is lying to you? That's a question we all feel a need to ask at some point. It's frustrating when you believe someone you care about is being dishonest with you. It's even more disappointing when you tell them you think they are lying and they brush it off. Short of hooking them up to a lie detector machine, is there a way to tell if they're being untruthful with you? There actually is. There are a few distinct body language signs of a liar that can help you determine whether or not someone is being honest with you.

One of the telltale signs of a liar that most people aren't aware of is very subtle, but also very telling. Liars have a tendency to want to cover up their lies but figuratively and literally. When a person is lying to you watch their hands. If they bring their hands up to their face and hold one near their mouth or nose that's a signs of a liar. Subconsciously they are trying to cover up their lie and to do so they attempt to conceal their mouth in some way. Most liars aren't even aware that they are doing this at all. Watch for it next time you question the person you believe is lying to you.

Another of the body language signs of a liar is more obvious. It's difficult for most liars to maintain eye contact for any period of time. If the person you believe is lying to you looks to the left often when talking to you, that's not a promising sign. They are having trouble looking directly tat you because they know they are misleading you. Pay special attention to the eyes of the suspected liar. They will tell you a lot about the person. -Gillian Reynolds

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