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Friday, September 25

Confidence in Public Speaking

Lance Miller, a world champion of public speaking, has a very simple way of looking at speaking when delivering a speech or presentation.

He says that the most important thing in public speaking is your energy and enthusiasm, in other words your delivery, and that this represents 50% of the impact of your speech.

He then says that another 30% of the impact is created by the key message of your talk.

This leaves only 20% for the structure and the writing.

However, it is this last and least impact part of public speaking that most people spend all their time agonizing over, especially someone who feels nervous and lacks confidence.

However, if you know what it is that you are to deliver, then this slight nervousness can be a great source of strength adding to that high impact energy and enthusiasm.

Preparation beforehand is an important part of public speaking but being overly concerned with getting the words exactly ‘right’ leads to looking too much at notes or results in the speech being done in an over-rehearsed way.

What you need is to have something which enables you to focus on your delivery, energy, and enthusiasm.

Clearly, if it’s easy to remember what you want to say, then you will not be chasing the words and will be less nervous, be in control, and have confidence.

Knowing what you’re going to say will leave you free to concentrate on that high impact energy and enthusiasm so the question is; how can I know what to say?

The Learning Well ‘Memory Map’ technique gives you the structure of your speech in a very easy way providing you with the ability to know both your core message and your content when public speaking.

When you are delivering your talk or presentation the Map enables you to very quickly glance down and see what you want to say, the location for each part of your speech is clear on the Map and is therefore clear for when you speak.

The Map locations for what you want to say will become fixed in your mind thereby increasing your confidence and making speeches and presentations so much easier.

So, it’s clear. The Learning Well Memory Map targets all public speaking impact points as set out by World Speaking Champion Lance Miller:

Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping is great for brain storming and I have to say that when it comes to public speaking and knowing what I want to say and building confidence then Memory Mapping is the thing to go for.

By using Memory Maps your public speaking confidence will grow and grow. -Alan Mcmahon

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