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Monday, September 7

The Simple Five Steps to Success

The Decision:

The first step to becoming successful is the decision that you want to be successful. It's a place that you have to consciously get to in your life. What is success? Success is really whatever you determine that it is. It can be success with our relationship, or success at your job, or even just getting your garage cleaned out.

Develop a Burning Desire:

Once you have decided that there's something you want to be successful at, you need to develop a burning desire to be successful at it. This means that you have to determine that you're going to accomplish what it takes to be successful at this no matter what obstacles stand in your way.

Develop a Goal:

Goals are one thing that you can't live without if you ever hope to be successful at anything. Without a goal, you can't develop a a clear path to get to where you're trying to get. If the goal is really important to you, then you'll need to write it down. By taking the action of writing it down, you fire up different parts of the brain, that should start bringing it into reality.

A Plan:

Once you have set a goal for yourself, begin working backward from there. Assess what your assets are, and then think about how you can have your assets benefit you, and how you can use those to implement your plan.


So now to the last step to being successful. All of these other steps that have been taken should lead up to having the perseverance to follow through with your plan. This perseverance will come from the burning desire that was developed earlier. Then with a particular goal in mind, and having developed a plan to get there, you're certain to achieve the success that you seek. -Justin Bott

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