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Tuesday, November 3

Fasting For Weight Loss - Healthy or Hazardous?

Fasting for weight loss is a controversial topic, because many people believe it is an extreme dieting method. The simple truth is that fasting can be followed in a safe and controlled way, and allows for accelerated weight loss without experiencing starvation mode, and without divesting your body of the essential nutrients and vitamins that are required for optimal health. Follow these tips to decide if fasting for weight loss is a good plan for you!

Is Fasting For Weight Loss Safe?

Brad Pilon, creator of the forward-thinking diet plan "Eat Stop Eat", revealed that scientific research demonstrates that fasting weight loss diets actually increase the action of fat burning enzymes, allowing you to lose weight quicker and easier than ever before. Your metabolism is increased for longer periods of time, and via fasting, food addiction is eliminated, which is a common and contributing element for the overweight issues in our country.

Will My Body Go Into Starvation Mode?

As long as you pursue a fasting weight loss plan closely and correctly, your body's fat burning hormones will be naturally boosted, and as a result, the weight lost will have a higher ratio of actual body fat, instead of lean muscle mass. The weight loss will be even and consistent, and many dieters following a fasting for weight loss program have raised amounts of energy without feeling lethargic as they might on other diet plans.

How Fast Is Fasting?

By fasting for 24 hour periods one to two days every week, your body will naturally and rapidly begin to lose weight. Because you'll be creating such a calorie deficit on the days that you're fasting, those who stick to the plan faithfully can fairly expect to lose at least two pounds per week -- especially when combined with regular exercise and weight training. But even for those who are not fitness fanatics, a fasting weight loss diet can easily lead to quick weight loss safely and effectively.

Fasting for weight loss requires some self-discipline, and it's an excellent choice for dieters looking to lose weight rapidly and have increased energy without having to micro-manage a diet plan. To learn more about fasting for weight loss and discover if it's the right plan for you, just follow these steps:

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